Back to the Beach

I’m thrilled to announce that a wave of new photos energizes PS’ website for summer!

This past spring, we went back to the beach to work with the amazing photographer, Kylie Olsen, to capture the carefree luxury of Paradise Shells’ elegant designs. It was a humbling experience to be on-site in Jupiter, FL, my paradise, where this beautiful journey began seven years ago. Seeing my vision elevate to new life is a memory that I’ll cherish forever!

By popular request, our website now features new photography of models showcasing combinations of PS’ jewelry designs. Take part in the experience and view how PS’ jewelry glistens.

As you prepare to head back to the beach to enjoy, relax, and inspire, add the perfect summer accessories to your wardrobe! For a limited time, PS is offering 20% off of all gold and 20% off 3 or more pieces of silver! The first 50 participants will also receive a complementary PS hat perfect for any summer excursion!

Whether on the beach, out for an evening, or simply for a day at work, you will look your best in PS.

In closing, let’s all remember those who have served and given their lives for our country as we celebrate Memorial Day!

Enjoy your summer in style!

Peace, Love & Understanding,