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Independence Day – Emotional Freedom!

Who doesn’t love July 4th! INDEPENDENCE DAY! Fireworks, family, fun, and barbeque!!!

Maybe a beer, or two – I like a Malibu Bay Breeze myself.

Does it get any better! Not really! In my humble opinion, if you live in the United States, you have it made!

Question? How do you define freedom and independence?

Is it the freedom to learn, think, engage, express your views? Maybe emotional freedom says it all!

Perhaps freedom to you means to raise your family the way you want, worship as you wish, develop a career path, or start your own business?

For me, it’s all of the above, plus the emotional freedom to gain independence from a physical challenge!

So, what ties you in knots?

Whatever it is, how fantastic would it be to be liberated?

Well, this might take some work. Maybe some counseling, spiritual guidance, or breaking free from a toxic relationship?

Yes, it’s hard work, but what good thing doesn’t require hard work and overcoming one’s obstacles.

Through PS, I enjoy fantastic freedom to express myself,  pursue my dreams, and experience fulfillment – and most importantly, to hopefully inspire others.

If you find yourself in some form of chains, do whatever it takes to break free! Think out-of-the-box, absorb the wisdom of others, but follow your heart!

On this day, let’s all unite and celebrate the exceptional freedom and opportunity, we each and all enjoy, together!

Let’s remember, in many nations, the openness and free exchange of ideas and information, does not exist.

I feel for people who live in these countries – we should find ways to help them!

Do you ever stop and reflect on how good we as American’s have it? And talk about it with your children, friends, and others?

Sometimes, I think our media drives us to despair, when we could be celebrating the lives, we as Americans live!

It’s always easy to complain, very easy. Expressing joy and gratitude, probably takes just a bit more effort – like writing this blog for inspiration for all.

Several of my cousins and their friends are former U.S. Marines who traveled many nations of the world.

They will each and all tell you, “The United States is the greatest country in the world to live and fulfill your dreams.”

So, let’s put our freedom and opportunity to good use – let’s make the most of it for others and even for each of us!

On freedom, remember that it requires that the brave serve in harm’s way – my cousin “Little Chuck,” served several tours in the Middle East.

He retired from special operations, as Lt. Colonel, USMC.

He earned his MBA at MIT – opportunity in action, seized! Way to go Little Chuck!

So, let’s embrace freedom and opportunity!

Break your chains.

And, let freedom ring!

Peace, Love & Understanding,