PS is my passion; we bring people joy.

Over the last several years, my dream has been to create a company where people with or without challenges can work together to delight customers with custom jewelry.

Well, here we go! Welcome to Paradise Shells & Fine Jewelry by Samantha! As you can imagine, everyone asks me, “How did you get the idea for Paradise Shells?”

PS got started when I wanted to find a special birthday gift for my mom. My dad and I had collected seashells from the beach that day, and I asked him, ”Can we make a piece of jewelry for mom using seashells as the image for a nice gold or silver pendant?” We did that, and mom and many others loved it!

So I realized, very special jewelry brings people joy.

Putting on just the right piece of jewelry can warm your heart. This is what I want our customers or their loved ones to feel when they put on and wear a piece of Paradise Shells’ Jewelry. Warmth in their heart because of our natural finish designs that remind you of the beauty of the beach, the warmth of the sun and sand, and the sound of the ocean surf. But I believe the most heart-warming part of Paradise Shells is our mission. I want to build Paradise Shells into a fine jewelry company where people with or without challenges can work together to enjoy more satisfying levels of income and connectedness. To mentor each other and help one another learn about how we are each and all perfectly imperfect. So, love.

I want Paradise Shells & Fine Jewelry by Samantha to be a company based on synergy and education – people with and without challenges teaching each other about “their world” and using those lessons to be the most fulfilled and successful they can be.

But first things first. We are thrilled that our website is live!

So please browse our designs and customize your first purchase(s) for yourself or as a gift to someone you love!

We hope the jewelry you purchase brings you or someone you love a Touch of Paradise!

Peace, Love & Understanding,