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Is Summer Really Over? Or is it – Just Beginning?

Did You Read About Paradise Shells & Fine Jewelry by Samantha in the Wall Street Journal?

Here’s a shout-out to the PS Community!

Paradise Shells & Fine Jewelry by Samantha just reached 500 followers on IG and 650 across all channels!

This is huge news for a start-up company. Our 2nd anniversary is October 16th, 2023! It’s been two blazing years! PS is so grateful for so many followers and customers who tell us, “Everything about Paradise Shells is stunning from its jewelry designs to packaging, and service!”

Why haven’t you read about this in the Wall Street Journal? We don’t know either!

Yes, stocks and bonds are important, but isn’t PS’ inspiring journey much more compelling?

Large companies continue to thrive, but what about the companies of the future? PS will be one of them with your continued engagement and purchases.

Paradise Shells & Fine Jewelry thrives on creative innovation and overcoming challenges.

This summer, PS launched, “Ocean Charms,” mentioned on our last blog. This elegant design was suggested by one of our beloved customers, who asked us to create it!

PS listened and brought this whimsical, dangling bracelet to life. “Ocean Charms” helped make our summer sale the most successful ever! It also accelerated PS’ social media engagement to new levels!

Our vision and sales are now reaching new markets beyond our initial expectations.

PS is about loving our followers and customers, who appreciate PS’ innovation and social vision.

To celebrate the remarkable success of “Ocean Charms” and PS’ summer sale, we are launching a giveaway of “Ocean Charms,” Tuesday, September 5th. Enter below!

We believe anyone can stretch beyond comfort level, to discover new heights of fulfillment and joy!

The key is to challenge ourselves to become and relentlessly live the possibilities.

Summer is not over – it’s just beginning!

Peace, Love, and Understanding,