Samantha Founder of Paradise Shells

It’s been quite a year!

We have worked diligently throughout Paradise Shells’ first year in business to delight our customers with custom, coastal-themed fine jewelry designs in our first collection. Our customers rewarded us with many messages regarding the beauty, quality, and uniqueness of our jewelry and packaging, and their shopping experience at I’m excited and confident that we have laid a solid foundation for the future.

Highlighting The Highs

  • December 2021
    The Holidays were fantastic. Paradise Shells got off to a super great start!
  • March 2022
    Jupiter, FL photo shoot with Kylie Olsen: the sand, salt water, shells, sun, models, and PS jewelry – through Kylie’s lens – was hitting a new water mark!!!
  • August 2022
    Music Row Ladies’ Golf Tournament at Old Natchez CC, supporting United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee, where we introduced our Instagram Account and gained amazing followers.

Our Social Vision 

Our powerful social vision is to create a pathway toward income and connectedness for people with and without challenges. I remain a very dedicated and strong advocate for the Cerebral Palsy circle. We embrace the disability community. Much like Amazing Abigail Grace (@amazingabigailgrace) and Chelsea Bear (@realchelseabear), my philosophy is that only through education and understanding can we come together to build a culture of acceptance and inclusion. Let’s work together.  

The Coming Years

We’re young but vibrant. A major goal for me and Paradise Shells is to continue to spread the word and share the vision… one jewelry shell at a time. Happy Birthday, Paradise Shells! Follow us on IG: @paradiseshellsjewelry

Peace, Love & Understanding,