Faith In Action

Another new 1st for Paradise Shells!

Irish Ayes, Father Ryan’s alumni magazine, published a featured article, A Walk on the Beach Provides a Business Inspiration” about Paradise Shells & Fine Jewelry by Samantha.

The focus of the publication is Faith in Action. I was especially humbled to be included in this article which acknowledges Father Ryan High School alumni who share the virtue of applying faith to help others, despite adversity.

Check out these examples of inspiring Father Ryan alumni featured in Irish Ayes:

  • Christy Csorna ’99 – elite athlete, registered nurse, and healthcare hero
  • Steven Henry ’14 – Relay for Life advocate and government relations professional
  • Dr. Russ Wigginton ’84 – social justice leader and president of the National Civil Rights Museum

Read the full Irish Ayes article, here.

To me, faith in action is making a mark in the world by applying your gifts to benefit others. I also believe that a small act of kindness is like a little vibration that can turn into a great big wave. We are all capable of making little vibrations happen and recognizing when others do the same. Would you like to share any inspiring stories from your life or from the lives of others? The Paradise Shells community would love to hear from you!

Peace, Love & Understanding,